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Name: Fredrick Shema
Profession: Law
Current U.S Position and Company Name: Youth Specialist, International Rescue Committee
Education: International Studies, minor in Economics, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
First Job in U.S: Security Officer
Story Author: Global Talent volunteer, Bhumika Dahal
Photo Credits: Fredrick Shema

Fredrick was only 15 years old when his family had the opportunity to start their lives over from scratch. His family resettled in the United States from a refugee camp in Uganda, after fleeing genocide in Rwanda. He is compassionate, resilient, and hopeful for a bright future.

Fredrick graduated from Boise High School and attended Boise State University. His passion and determination to study International Studies drove him to transfer to the University of Idaho in Moscow. Wanting to stay ahead of the game, he recalls starting the job application process in senior year of college. Not knowing how to navigate employment platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn proficiently, his job search process became increasingly arduous. He recalls receiving numerous application denials due to minor errors such as including an inaccurate typing speed. Through a friend, Fredrick learned about Global Talent’s work that helps connect immigrants and refugees to employment at their skill and education level. Through Global Talent’s mock interviews and tangible skills like cover letter writing, Fredrick was able to gain employment at a local law firm as a Receptionist and recently transitioned to a role as a Youth Specialist at the International Rescue Committee, a local non-profit and refugee resettlement agency. He is excited to give back to his community and “be a voice for the voiceless.”

Fredrick brings a unique and diverse perspective from his life experience and speaks five languages, including English. He is passionate about fighting injustices faced by refugees at refugee camps and “advocating for my people.” He is studying for the LSAT in preparation for law school and is hopeful for a world free of violence and injustices against refugees. In between his full-time job and studying for law school, Fredrick enjoys playing soccer. He plays soccer for a Sunday League and coaches for a local non-profit, Nations United Soccer, and a soccer player for Sunday League. One piece of advice he has for all of us is, “Get out there. Seek resources. Many doors of opportunities will open up for you.”