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Name: Enayatullah Shadab
Profession/Industry: Computer Science
Current U.S. Position and Company Name: Manufacturing Technician, Micron
Education: Bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Kabul University (2009) & associate
degree in computer science (College of Western Idaho, 2020)
Country of Origin: Afghanistan
Education: Bachelor of Science, Power Supply Engineering, Kabul Polytechnic University, Kabul, Afghanistan
First Job in the U.S.: Taxi driver, gas station cashier
Story Author: Sahar Sepehr

Enayatullah Shadab had a rewarding career in Kabul, Afghanistan. After earning his bachelor’s degree in mathematics, he taught high school math for three years and later went on to manage a hospital and serve alongside the U.S. Marines as an interpreter.

Shadab’s association with the U.S. military put him and his family in danger. In 2016, he and his wife and their 1-year-old daughter relocated to Boise through the refugee resettlement program.

Early on, the family faced challenges of loneliness and adjusting to differences in culture and language. Shadab went from being advanced in his career to starting over in entry-level positions as a taxi driver and cashier at a gas station.

“One of my big dreams was to continue my higher education in the USA,” he said, “so I planned and started researching how to enroll in college. Luckily I found College of Western Idaho, took replacement exams, applied for FAFSA, and got enrolled in three classes. It was very hard and challenging the first and second semester, because I didn’t know the academic language and terminologies. But I was working very hard with passion and was picking things up quickly.”

Shadab earned an associate degree in computer science in 2020. He applied for at least 30 positions related to his career and got about 10 good interviews, but he had trouble landing a job because he didn’t have work experience or references in the computer science field.

During this somewhat discouraging time, Shadab got connected with Global Talent. Global Talent helped him create a professional resume and prepare for a new career path. They introduced him to Micron Technology, where he went through a rigorous interview process and was offered a job as a Manufacturing Technician.

Shadab encourages new refugees to also connect with professionals and resources who can empower them on their career journey and help them build a brighter future.