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Name: Nameer Al Rubaye
Profession/Industry: Videography
Current U.S. Position and Company Name: Camera Operator at Idaho Public Television and Idaho Sport Properties, LLC, and freelance photography and videography
Country of Origin: Iraq
First Job in the U.S.: Cameraman with Cable ONE Television and Idaho Sports Properties, LLC

Nameer Al Rubaye is no stranger to dangerous situations – he has catalogued many in the course of his work as a cinematographer filming live in conflict zones and photographing war related events in his home country, Iraq. A witness to suffering, he worked with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies conceptualizing and creating video for media releases of Iraqi war refugees. During his professional life in Iraq, he also captured high definition video of key Iraq events for the U.S.–based cable TV network, AXS TV, and managed his own private photography/videography studio. As the war intensified in his country, he felt that it was time to immigrate, for the sake of his family, to a safer country. “In the midst of a war zone,” Al Rubaye says, “you can have no feelings about life, no dreams.”

Through World Relief, an organization that assists refugees, Nameer and his family resettled in Boise, Idaho in July, 2014. Despite Nameer’s experience, a valuable skill set, and a fine arts degree from the University of Baghdad, it wasn’t easy to transition. Shortly after moving to Boise, in January, 2015, Nameer was referred to Global Talent Idaho (GTI) where his mentor, Gina Finley, provided guidance and training on developing a professional resume to highlight his talents and accomplishments. He also attended English classes and GTI workshops focused on developing marketing, networking and interviewing skills. He says that Global Talent Idaho “gave me the ability to meet with people and to share my skills.”

His hard work paid off when, just one month later, facilitated by GTI and the Idaho Department of Labor, Nameer was offered an internship as a cameraman with Cable ONE Television and Idaho Sports Properties providing live video coverage of Idaho Steelheads hockey games. His internship was a success and he was then hired for a part-time position with the same companies and expanded his coverage to other sports in local arenas.

Because his job was part-time, Nameer needed to secure additional work to make ends meet and support his family. Through networking and his connections with Global Talent Idaho and the Idaho Department of Labor, Nameer secured a part-time internship at Full Circle Exchange providing photography and videography content for their online presence. Through this internship he developed additional skills in lighting, photo and video equipment, and online content needs.

Once again, his hard work, dedication and networking paid off, and soon after his internship with Full Circle Exchange ended, Idaho Public Television hired him as a studio camera operator with an additional assignment to cover the 2016 legislative sessions at the Capitol.

Global Talent Idaho’s Program Manager, and Nameer’s mentor, Gina Finley, states “Nameer’s story is one of dedication to continuous learning, perseverance, strategic networking, focus on English proficiency development, and willingness to create and explore any and all opportunities in front of him!”

As time permits, Al Rubaye does free-lance photography and videography for websites and special events as he looks to the future and his ultimate goal of one day creating and owning his own business.

— Story written by Global Talent Idaho volunteer, Ellie McKinnon